New breed of heroin

MANCHESTER, NH ( — We are shedding light on a dangerous new breed of heroin call krokodil because the powerful mix actually eats away at your skin. This comes as New Hampshire’s governor signs a new law that spares people from getting in trouble for reporting drug overdoses.

FOX25’s Joy Lim Nakrin spoke to Manchester police about the impact of both.

The heroin crisis in the Granite State is reaching new heights.

“When you look at last year the entire of 2014 the Manchester Police Department recovered 1,346 grams of heroin,” Chief Nick Willard said. “As of yesterday, we recovered 27,089 grams, so that’s a 2,000 percent increase.”

A new law addresses part of the problem, granting immunity to anyone reporting overdoses.

At the Manchester Police Department, they’ve seen a 300 percent increase in heroin cases in the last year and drug addiction is estimated to be behind some 88 percent of thefts and other property crimes.

“That person who is injecting themselves has become so desperate they’re committing crimes everyday,” Willard said.

He went on to say that it calls for a complex solution.

“I think what the state should be focusing more on as opposed to allowing those who are addicted free from prosecution, I think they should be given those who are addicted more treatment,” he said.

Now, a breed of heroin made its way to the state, called krokodil.

“The compound eats away at your skin, your skin starts to look at crocodile skin,” he said.

It’s made with dangerous chemicals, like gasoline, phosphates and other household products that are combined with heroin.

Some know the affects, yet still take the risk for the reward.